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To help us serve all of our customers efficiently we ask that you have the following items ready on the day of delivery:


A responsible adult with a valid Michigan driver’s license to accept the order.

Any remaining rental or deposit fees that are due. Cash and checks are accepted (personal checks require a valid Michigan driver’s license of the person signing the check). Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted if the order is pre-paid in store at least one week before the event. Deposit (less any fees) will be refunded by mail after approximately 2 weeks after pick up. Credit card deposits (less any frees) will be credited back to card approximately 2 weeks after pick up.


We ask that you have the area(s) for tents and canopies cleared of all lawn furniture. If you plan on having the grass mowed, it should be done by the Tuesday before the weekend party (during the busiest times of April-October we start deliveries for the weekend parties as early as Wednesday!!)


Also… If the order is not going to YOUR home (such as a delivery being made to a relative or friend’s home) we ask that the order be pre-paid no later than seven days before the event.

Deliveries are made to a dock, door, or garage that is immediately accessible to a truck. Equipment is to be re-stacked, ready for pick up, in the same place it is delivered.


All dishes and related items are wrapped and ready to use. All items must be clean and dry and in their original containers for return (please do not re-wrap).


Once we have installed tenting, canopies, and/or dance floor, please do not move them. Please keep tables and chairs off the dance floor.


Note any shortages at the time of delivery. A charge is added for all items (including boxes and crates) that are missing, damaged, or broken upon pick up.


Care must be taken to protect all equipment from damage caused by vandalism, weather, etc. (equipment cannot be left out in the rain).


The month of June is normally the busiest of the year. While we normally suggest that your order be reserved at least 1 month in advance, you should consider placing your order 2-4 months ahead if your event is during that month. A reservation/security deposit is required (security deposit depends on the type and quantity of equipment on the order).


On all equipment, except tents, canopies, and dance floors, we allow you to delete any items up to 30 days before your event, after that time you will be required to accept all equipment on the order. You may, at any time until the truck is loaded, add any item(s) as long as they are available.  


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