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Wedding Accessories

Candelabrum (*Candles Not Included)

3 Branch



3 Branch Unity


15 Branch Spiral


7 Branch Floor Type


9 Branch Floor Type


15 Branch Fan


21 Branch 3-Tier


Heart Shaped (17 holders)


Double Heart (18 holders)


Aluminum Candle


Aisle w/globe & candle (att. to pew)


Garden Lamp w/globe & candle


Small Candle Lighter


Large Candle Lighter w/snuffer


3-Branch Table Top, silver


5-Branch Table Top, silver


Single Table Top


Bridal Arches

Brass Standard


18" Brass Extender


Brass Heart Shaped


Brass Cathedral Trellis w/gate


White Lattice Standard


White Lattice Heart Shaped


Other Wedding Accessories

Wedding Podium, white top w/brass base


Wedding Podium, white lattice


Kneeling Bench, white pad w/brass base


Kneeling Bench, white lattice


Wishing Well, brass plated


Wishing Well, small white lattice


Wishing Well, large white lattice


White Mailbox


White Treasure Chest


White Birdcage


White Wishing Bell w/stand


Plant Stand, brass


White Column, 32"


White Column, 40"


White Column, 56"


White Column, 72"


White Column, 96"


White Lattice Pedestal


Bud Vase, glass


Bud Vase, silver


Brass Plated Easel


White Lattice Rose Garden Screen


White Garden Screen


Champagne/Punch Fountains

7 Gallon stainless steel w/gold accent


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15 Branch Spiral Bridal Arch Wedding podium

*Seating capacity does not allow for aisles, dance floors, service area, etc.

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7 Gallon stainless steel